• Technical assistance
    PROJECT: Installation of Gas Station & Avoucette Coucal-Gabon
    Owner: TOTAL
    Contractor: Friedlander Gabon ORTEC Group
    • Mobilization:
    • 10 Supervisor Piping & Mechanical
    • 3 Supervisors QA / QC

  • Technical assistance
    PROJECT:TASIAST-Gold Mine - 5007 Existing Plant Upgrade Project
    Owner:KINROSS Mauritania Gold Mine
    Contractor: Friedlander Mauritania ORTEC Group
    • Mobilization:
    • 10 Supervisor Piping & Mechanical
    • 6 Supervisors QA / QC
    • - 3 Supervisor Electrical & Commissioning Precommissioning
    • - 1 Supervisor HSE QA / QC

  • Technical assistance
    PROJECT: Major Works Saves Gas Turbine MARST Hadjajd Algeria el-Alstom
    Owner: Sonatrac
    Contractor: ALSTOM
    • Mobilization:
    • -7 Supervisors Mechanical Engineer specializing in Gas Turbine and Steam
    • -15 Specialized Mechanics
    • -10 Boilermakers
    • - 10 Welders

  • PROJECT: A GAS TURBINE Ghannouche TUNISIA Owner: Sonatrac   Client: ALSTOM FRANCE  
    • Mobilization:  
    • -Construction of a gas turbine 469 MGW
    • -Mobilization of a website manager, team 15 different specialty and fifty highly qualified technicians leader.
    • -Installation and commissioning of process control commissioning and wiring of electrical cabinets and TGBT works of boiler and steel construction followed and making available quality reports and HSE
    • Project lasts twenty four months

    Client: britich GAS TUNISIA  
    • Mobilization:  
    • A new processing plant for natural gas and propane production of methane and LPG e Construction
    • Mobilization of twenty different specialty engineer (mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, piping, process).
    • Project duration eighteen months

    Client: ALSTOM FRANCE  
    • Mobilization:  
    • Establishment of two steam turbine combined cycle
    • Mobilization of four engineers and thirty highly skilled mechanics and twenty instrumentalists.
    • Installation and commissioning of the turbines work boiler mechanical instrumentation and electrical work implementation and installation of the fuel supply circuit of the plant.
    • Followed and making available quality and HSE report
    • Project lasts ten months

  • Technical Assistance - Central Client Alstom Power From Marsat El Hadjadj Oran-Algeria mobilization Mechanics Steam Turbine
    • Instrumentalist engineer
    • electrical Engineer
    • QA / QC Engineer

  • Assistance Technique – Client Alstom Power Centrale De Marsat El Hadjadj Oran–Algérie Mobilisation des Mécaniciens Turbine Vapeur
    • Ingénieur Instrumentiste
    • Ingénieur électrique
    • QA / QC Ingénieur

  • Technical-Assistance Manpower
    • instrumentalist
    • pipefitter
    • boilermakers
    • electricians engineer

  • Service work in hand to build factories oil GBIBA LPT 1 and 2 GBIBA
    Process engineer Missions :
    • Controls and supervises hydraulic testing of pipes and separators
    • Commissioning of the production process
    • Customer GIMO (Italian company) gas Milita site and Libya
    Service work by several technicians to monitor the type of work
    • Welding pipes
    • instrumentation
    • Pipes and structure grinding
    • painting

  • Technical Manpower Assistance Project QC / QA Coordinator
    • Supervisor of structures and mechanical
    • QC structural mechanics supervisor, responsible for the acceptance of the steel structure, mechanical equipment, buildings, installations, welding, modifications and shipping to customers, supervision and subsequent reports of the work.
    • Mechanical activities on the site and in the workshop of the IRB (pipe supports manufacturing).

  • Assistance technique-Manpower pour le chantier de construction de la station de compression de gaz
    Electrical Engineers Missions:
    • Precommissioning all electrical work
    • Checking plans implementation and Raceways
    Engineers instrumentalists Missions:
    • Oversee all instrumentalist pipefitters work
    • Commissioning and start compressors

MIC Engineering

M.I.C Est une société d'ingénierie crée en 2000. Grâce à son expérience multifonctionnelle et multidisciplinaire de ses équipes, les experts M.I.C sont capables de supporter ses clients dans les domaines d’Ingénierie de projets pétroliers internationaux ainsi que l’exécution, la coordination et la supervision des travaux sur les sites du monde entier.

MIC Engineering

MIC is an engineering company founded in 2000. With its multifunctional and multidisciplinary teams experience, MIC experts are able to support its customers in the fields of engineering major oil projects and the implementation, coordination and supervision of work on sites around the world.

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